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Experienced Psychotherapists, Powerful Resources

(L to R) Steven Freemire David Franklin, 

Dominic D’Ambrosio and Marty Sochet

Steven Freemire MFT, is the director and founder of CCMC. Steven is a licensed psychotherapist, personal coach, and organizational consultant and trainer. In his psychotherapy practice in Walnut Creek and Berkeley he works with individuals, couples and families, with a special focus on assisting teen boys and men in their lives. Steven leads two groups for "Men in Mid-Life in his Walnut Creek office, and has been facilitating groups for men and teen boys for more than 25 years. He is also an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University, where he trains therapists to provide counseling for teen boys, men and couples. Steven is a devoted father to his two adult daughters.


Marty Sochet MFT, co-director and co-founder emeritus of CCMC, has more than 30 years of professional experience working with thousands of men who want to have closer relationships with their loved ones. Marty is a loving father and a seasoned white-water guide.


David Franklin MFT, CCMC Principal, has been specializing in Adolescent Issues for 20 years as both a Crisis Counselor in a local high school and as a Psychotherapist in Lafayette. He has written articles for newspapers, has spoken to various schools and community organizations and has trained counselors and therapists. His adventures include being a professional musician, walking across the United States and raising two sons in the Bay Area.


Dominic D’Ambrosio MFT, CCMC Principal, has more than 30 years of direct experience and training in mental health and related fields. He has a psychotherapy practice in Lafayette. Dominic’s work integrates:
-understanding childhood/family patterns relevant to current circumstances (psychodynamic and family systems)
-biological, psychological and social aspects of behavior and life circumstances 
-developmental psychology - especially in work with adolescents and young adults
-Buddhist psychology; cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness
-appreciation for the importance of music, poetry and the arts 
Central to Dominic’s work is his sincere care for his patients and a trusting rapport developed creating an environment where one feels safe to be honest and vulnerable.He is the parent of two young adult children and places fathering at the center of his life. 


CCMC also works with a network of colleagues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area who specialize in understanding and working with boys and men. As appropriate, we also draw on ties to colleagues throughout the United States for further assistance.

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